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It’s so frustrating when people just don’t get it. I’ll tell my friend my legs aren’t too good these days and she’ll say “is it because you lay around all day?” “Would it help if you exercised?” And it hurts. Because little do they know how sick this disease really makes you. I know it only gets worse from here before I get better, and I just can’t stop worrying about what my friends think.

THIS ^^^

I’m going through the EXACT thing.


I have isolated myself with most friend, because of pride.

Asking others how they are, you know the conversation is going to turn back to how your life is.

There isn’t much going on that it would be interesting to mention. “I got new pyjamas” and “yep, still living at home” rarely compares to a “travelling a lot” or “got a promotion”.

Not much room to grow when you only have a few spoons to live off.

Omg. I feel the same way! When people ask me what’s new, the answer is usually “oh, just changed my meds” but what comes out is “nothing much” I don’t know what’s worse.

And the how are yous. HA, I just paint a smile on.

AND everyone knows as the sick person. So I get asked continuously how are you feeling? Blah blah blah


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